Princess Cinnamon’s Story

♔ Always a lover of stories, I rekindled my childhood passion for beading while coping with a long illness nearly four years ago. Not being able to do much physically, it was a great relief for my hands and mind to have something to focus creatively on. My first creations were window charms; suncatchers I fashioned from a much larger, broken beaded mobile. Those cheered me up so much, I began to make more and soon moved on to other designs.

♔ My favorite thing in the world is bringing stories to life. Sometimes I do it through pictures, sometimes through acting and teaching, sometimes through reading out loud, and sometimes through making jewelry.

♔ I like using what I call “lost and found” objects, interesting little things that tend to get lost in drawers and the bottom of boxes. A trained photographer, my specialty is macro photos, so I love putting a big focus on tiny items.

♔ My playful, “Disney-inspired” personality comes honestly: My sister and I had every Disney movie memorized and would put on performances for our parents using recordings, songs, and costuming. Since then, I’ve done a bit of “real” acting too, and my husband and I host an annual Disney sing-a-along bonfire night for friends and family.

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